A first moover in a new meta?

What's Potion404?

Potion404 is a project based on the ethereum blockchain using the new ER-C404 standard. Potion404 is a first mover in this new meta, as we've created the first staking platform to support this new type of ERC, and it's set to get better every time!

What is an ERC-404 ?

In simple terms, ERC-404 is a new protocol in the ethereum blockchain that allows developer to create fungible NFTs, tradable on UNISWAP as usual ERC-20 tokens and Opensea as usual ERC-721 NFTs. This allows for many more possibilities than just one of these types. It also makes all NFTs liquid, which solve problem in the NFT space.

How I can stake my potion?

To stak your potion, you'll need to buy at least one potion to get a full NFT, which will reduce inflationary pressure when the price of a potion will be very high (only for the $P404 staking pool, as the $ETH pool is not inflationary). Next, you'll need to go to our dApp to stake your potion: https://www.potion404.com/staking.

How I counter the inflation my potion?

The team burning $P404 tokens to control inflation. Volume also helps to counter this. On the first day, we had a buying volume of over $8M while the TVL was around 250k, so the selling pressure is counteracted.

Who is in the team?

The team consists of 3 developers and advisors.

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